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Stichting Rotterdam is a Protestant Christian incentive fund for activities in the social and cultural sectors, founded by Hendricus Johannes Bonda (1898-1966) in 1955. In the years following the Second World War, Hendricus Bonda ran a successful company called Provimi which produced the animal fodder elements PROteins, VItamins and MInerals. In 1954 he created the holding company Industriële Beleggingsmaatschappij Bonda-Rotterdam. This was followed a year later by Stichting Rotterdam, which held half of the shares of the holding company. On 29 November 1955, Public Notary[1]  Warmenhoven in Rotterdam executed the articles of association of Stichting Rotterdam.

Why the foundation was created

In everything that Hendricus Bonda did, his faith and the church played an important role. He was regularly approached, in both the private and business spheres, by organizations and churches with requests for financial support. This gave him the idea of channelling such requests through a foundation. Two considerations were paramount here: the desire to create a clear structure and to ensure continuity in dealing with requests for financial assistance. Moreover, Hendricus Bonda felt that faith should influence society. He put this conviction into practice by providing support for Protestant Christian activities in the church and societal sectors.

The minutes of a meeting on 25 March 1971, a few years after the founder’s death, record the following statement about the foundation and its founder:

The foundation (…) is unique. It is almost never the case that someone in the course of their life sets aside such an important part of their fortune in order to serve church and social work, while themselves simultaneously living in modest circumstances. The foundation is able to exert a major influence for good.


In line with the founder’s intentions, Stichting Rotterdam aims explicitly to be a fund with a Protestant Christian profile. Stichting Rotterdam makes financial contributions to churches, organizations or groups that conduct activities in the social or cultural sectors, aimed at society as a whole and not limited to one’s own group, church or community.

The conviction that drives the fund was expressed by the founder as follows: 

The conviction that drives the fund was expressed by the founder as follows:

This is why Stichting Rotterdam is happy to make a financial contribution to activities intended to have this effect. 

drs. Hendricus Johannes Bonda


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