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Mr drs. R.J. Rijnbende, chairman
Mr prof. dr. H. Noordegraaf, 1st secretary
Ms M. Bonda, 2nd secretary
Mr W.P. de Pater RA, treasurer
Ms drs, E. van Weelden
Mr drs. H.J. van Weelden
Ms drs. M.A. Grant
Ms dr. F. Stark


Baker Tilly

Financial administration

DRV accountants en adviseurs

Post address

Postbus 255, 3300 AG DORDRECHT – The Netherlands

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The current statutes (2018) of the foundation state:

“The purpose of the foundation is to provide financial support to churches and institutions on a Protestant Christian basis that carry out activities in the diaconal field, and all that is related or conducive to the above, all in the broadest sense of the word.”


Stichting Rotterdam provides financial support to Protestant Christian organizations for activities or projects that contribute to solving social problems.

Only implementing, helping activities from a Protestant Christian organization, or explicitly supported in their implementation by Protestant Christian organizations, in which volunteers play an important role, will be supported. It is important that the activities contain innovative elements where possible and promote “social inclusion” at all times.

The standard form Publication Duty ANBI Wealth Funds 2022

This 2022 form can be downloaded here.

Board Report

This 2022 report can be downloaded here.

Planning 2024

For 2024, Stichting Rotterdam intends to spend approximately 1.5 million euros on the aforementioned objective.

Compensation Policy

The foundation’s current bylaws (2018) state: ‘

“The board members shall receive no remuneration, directly or indirectly. Remuneration does not include reasonable compensation for expenses incurred on behalf of the foundation and an attendance fee that is not excessive. The amount shall be determined by the board. All remuneration paid to board members is included and explained as such in the financial statements.”

Chamber of Commerce – RSIN

Chamber of Commerce file number 41126304
Stichting Rotterdam is classified under RSIN number 801279513.

FIN – Association of Funds in the Netherlands

The Board of Stichting Rotterdam declares compliance with the FIN Standards of Good Governance and to this end has submitted the Annual Statement of Compliance with FIN Standards of Good Governance, which is reviewed periodically.


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