Application, Payment Request and Reporting

Allocation policy and application processing procedure

The Stichting Rotterdam Foundation is an incentive fund. It concentrates its support on diaconal activities carried out by a limited number of organizations and in a limited number of fields. In the Netherlands, Stichting Rotterdam provides financial support only in the following categories:

  1. Diaconal work especially for refugees, (former) prisoners, homeless people and addicts, in large cities in the Netherlands.
  2. Migrant churches
  3. Walk-in centres and comparable initiatives
  4. Cultural activities (where culture is instrumental in social inclusion)

Support will be provided only to practically implemented, assistance-providing activities carried out by a Protestant Christian organization, or explicitly supported in practical implementation by Protestant Christian organizations, whereby volunteers play an important role. It is important that the activities contain innovative elements wherever possible and promote ‘social inclusion’ at all times. 

Stichting Rotterdam prefers to receive support requests from national organisations, rather than affiliated local / executive organisations. Exceptions can be made in special circumstances. Only complete applications that have been submitted with the approval of the Stichting Rotterdam secretariat will be submitted to the board.

Outside the Netherlands, Stichting Rotterdam fully concentrates its financial contributions on projects that will be supported through Kerk in Actie (Church in Action) in Utrecht and the World Council of Churches in Geneva.

The following activities are explicitly excluded from financial support by Stichting Rotterdam (both in the Netherlands and abroad):

  • restoration, renovation or new construction of property,  
  • festivities, participation in and/or organization of symposia, congresses, conferences and suchlike,  
  • publication of books, construction of websites or production of films,
  • academic research.

Procedure for processing applications

This document contains the rules for making an application to Stichting Rotterdam.

Applications submitted by ordinary mail (on paper) will not be considered. Applications that in our opinion do not meet the general guidelines and criteria as described above will also not be considered and you will not receive a response to your application.

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