Application, Payment Request and Reporting

Allocation policy and application processing procedure

In the Netherlands, Stichting Rotterdam provides financial support only in the following categories:

1.  Diaconal work focusing on refugees, (ex-)prisoners, homeless persons and addicts.

     (in larger towns and in major cities in the Netherlands)

2.  Migrant churches

3.  Open houses and comparable initiatives

4.  Cultural activities (whereby the target of the activity should (also) be social inclusion)

Support will be provided only to practically implemented, assistance-providing activities carried out by a Protestant Christian organization, or explicitly supported in practical implementation by Protestant Christian organizations, whereby volunteers play an important role.

Outside the Netherlands, Stichting Rotterdam fully concentrates its financial contributions on projects that will be supported through Kerk in Actie (Church in Action) in Utrecht and the World Council of Churches in Geneva.

The following activities are explicitly excluded from financial support by Stichting Rotterdam (both in the Netherlands and abroad):

  • restoration, renovation or new construction of movable and immovable property,  
  • festivities, participation in and/or organization of symposia, congresses, conferences and suchlike,  
  • publication of books, construction of websites or production of films,
  • academic research.

Stichting Rotterdam is an incentive fund. It concentrates its support on diaconal activities carried out by a limited number of organizations and in a limited number of fields. In addition, it has a modest budget available for innovative initiatives in the field of culture or Protestant Christian presentation in society.

When preparing a decision on allocation of funds we consider whether activities:

  • contribute to promoting social inclusion in Dutch society
  • enjoy substantive and financial support from one or more Protestant Christian churches
  • intend and promote the use of volunteers
  • are innovative in their approach and/or target group
  • do not require permanent external support
  • give priority to practically implemented work.

We apply the following rules in the application procedure:

The application – including a covering letter – should be sent in PDF format to Applications received by regular mail ('on paper') will not be taken into consideration.

  • Applications should contain a plan of action and an investment and/or operating budget. 
  • The application should of course also set out the contribution made by one’s own group and indicate support requested from other quarters (‘coverage plan’).
  • If an annual report or a policy plan is intended to support the application, then it may under some circumstances suffice to provide a direct link to the information on the applicant’s own website.
  • We request you to submit applications separately and not to combine them with reports and/or payment requests/withdrawals
  • A contribution will only be supplied if the activity will not commence until a decision has been issued by the committee of Stichting Rotterdam to award funds.

The applicant should be classified by the Dutch Tax Authorities as a Public Benefit Organization (ANBI).

  • The application should enclose a copy of an extract from the Commercial Register (not older than 1 year).
  • Furthermore a copy of the statutes and
  • a copy of the most recent annual report and/or the financial statement should be enclosed with the application.
  • It is recommended that a financial statement be accompanied by an accountant’s attestation (compilation report, review report or audit report) or an attestation by an independent audit committee.

Application processing

If we receive an application from you:

  • The processing will take at least four months due to our low frequency of meetings.
  • The processing period may be extended if we require further information from you.
  • There is no point in calling us in order to provide additional verbal information on any matters.
  • You will receive written notice of the decision taken by the committee of Stichting Rotterdam.

Forms of awarded support

  • A financial contribution (sometimes subject to certain conditions).
  • An offer to double the sum obtained through fundraising among the organization’s own supporters, up to a certain limit.
  • A loan subject to certain conditions.
  • A guarantee subject to certain conditions.

In the event of awarded support we will indicate in which manner and subject to which conditions we will provide the financial contribution.

Payment requests and reports

  • Following an award of support you should send us your payment requests/withdrawals by e-mail in writing, on the stationery of your organization, legally signed and scanned (PDF). In payment requests you should always state the project number assigned to you by Stichting Rotterdam as well as the requested sum and your bank account details.
  • We also request that reports only be sent to us digitally in PDF format.


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